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Concealers that Hit the Spot

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


Most everyone when looking in a mirror is drawn to one imperfection or multiple imperfections that they would like to eliminate or correct.  Whether it is sun spots, acne, dark circles under the eyes or a face that appears too round or flat, the proper concealer can do wonders.

A  cardinal rule with concealers is proper blending.  This can be done with your finger, a sponge or my favorite, a concealer brush.    For large areas of the face or neck area that need camouflage, a foundation stick is the best answer.  It provides a heavier, full coverage that can blot out all types of marks, from freckles and sun sports to large birth marks and scars.  These sticks also do a great job for contouring your face.  Choose a shade that is somewhat darker than your skin tone to contour under cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin areas.  A dusting of pressed or loose powder over top helps set this concealing method for very long wear and also makes it impervious to sweat and humidity.

For smaller areas to conceal, such as small scars, pock marks, small discolorations and redness patches, a mineral concealer stick is the easiest and most efficient.  Apply directly from thin tube to spot you wish to cover and lightly blend with fingertip.  You will be amazed how whatever horror you observed in the mirror suddenly disappears from sight in two seconds and will last until you wash it off!

For more mature under eye skin that has lines or wrinkles and some darkness or discoloration, the Mineral Illuminating Concealer is by far the best choice.  Click concealer up through pen into brush (the first time you use it takes several clicks; then after that, just a couple).  Lightly brush on under eyes and tap with fingertip to blend.  This very thin, mineral formula does not collect in lines and reflects light to minimize flaws and make skin look healthier.

For younger skin that has dark circles under eyes, the Dual Action Concealer is a great choice.  This tube contains a concealer and treatment in one to zap away dark circles while it conceals.  Apply a drop under each eye and blend gently with fingertip or concealer brush.

Sometimes a little concealer can go a long way in building confidence and security.  If you have questions, e-mail or request a sample when placing an order.





Choosing the Right Concealer for your Skin Type and Problems

Thursday, June 11th, 2015




Whether con2your dark circles and under eye bags are from heredity or lack of sleep and exposure to the elements, there is a concealer that is right for you! New formulas have the added benefit of treating dark circles and wrinkles while greatly improving the appearance of these culprits at the same time.
Which formula to choose depends on your specific problem, skin texture and tone.
For more mature, aging skin that has lines and darkness, choose a formula that has a
thinner consistency, blends easily, and will not set in the creases. I have found that
the two best concealers for this purpose are the Mineral Illuminating Concealer and
the Dual Action Concealer. Both of these formulas have light reflecting properties to
immediately improve appearance as well as treatments for dark circles and wrinkles. Both
formulas come in three shades. Pick a shade very close but just a tad lighter than your
skin tone. Choosing a concealer that is too light can give the person a “reverse raccoon”
effect, leaving them with rings that are too light.
If you are younger with fine lines and a lot of darkness, opt for the Mineral Concealer Stick,
which has light reflecting minerals and line filling corrective microspheres for fine lines.
Our under eye concealer and lid primer is for those that wish an easy fix for darkness on the
top and lower lid. Simply apply a think coat all over eyelid before shadow application and
extend the application alongside nose and in tear drop area to blot our under eye darkness.
If skin is dry, tap a bit of Firming Eye Serum or DMAE Firming Fluid over concealer in daytime
and on clean, dry skin at night before bed.