Choosing the Right Concealer for your Skin Type and Problems

June 11th, 2015 by Administrator




Whether con2your dark circles and under eye bags are from heredity or lack of sleep and exposure to the elements, there is a concealer that is right for you! New formulas have the added benefit of treating dark circles and wrinkles while greatly improving the appearance of these culprits at the same time.
Which formula to choose depends on your specific problem, skin texture and tone.
For more mature, aging skin that has lines and darkness, choose a formula that has a
thinner consistency, blends easily, and will not set in the creases. I have found that
the two best concealers for this purpose are the Mineral Illuminating Concealer and
the Dual Action Concealer. Both of these formulas have light reflecting properties to
immediately improve appearance as well as treatments for dark circles and wrinkles. Both
formulas come in three shades. Pick a shade very close but just a tad lighter than your
skin tone. Choosing a concealer that is too light can give the person a “reverse raccoon”
effect, leaving them with rings that are too light.
If you are younger with fine lines and a lot of darkness, opt for the Mineral Concealer Stick,
which has light reflecting minerals and line filling corrective microspheres for fine lines.
Our under eye concealer and lid primer is for those that wish an easy fix for darkness on the
top and lower lid. Simply apply a think coat all over eyelid before shadow application and
extend the application alongside nose and in tear drop area to blot our under eye darkness.
If skin is dry, tap a bit of Firming Eye Serum or DMAE Firming Fluid over concealer in daytime
and on clean, dry skin at night before bed.

Sometimes a Bit of Make-up Makes a Big Splash

May 28th, 2015 by Administrator

beautifulmakeupFeeling a bit drab?? Dull complexion or eyes losing that sparkle? Lips disappearing or
looking a little thin? “I don’t have time for make-up” is what I hear a lot from women.
But what if you can feel and look years younger in five minutes? Sound appealing?
You can with a few easy steps. What about five products you can use in five minutes?

Begin with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Botanical Tinted Moisturizer (all contain SPF) in your appropriate shade according to your skin tone, either light, medium or deep.
Blush some neutral bronzer, like Santa Fe Mineral Bronzer or Sunkissed, from apples of cheeks back into hairline, a bit across your forehead, a bit across the chin line, and a tiny bit down nose.
Sweep a neutral shadow, either liquid, like Constellation, or powder like Dovetail or Bronze Trio,
from lash line to just above crease of eye, blending inner and outer corners. Apply a complementary
eyeliner for your eye color, like Shiver for brown eyes, Snakeskin for green eyes, or Quest or Mythology for Blue Eyes. Finish with a sweep of shiny, lip plumping gloss, like Skinny Dip or Teaberry
Liptoxyl. (If you are feeling ambitious, add a bit of mascara; but that would be a sixth product)

The difference will be amazing; glowing skin, sparkly eyes and a smile to notice.

Blush – The Cherry on Top of the Cake

May 13th, 2015 by Administrator

Blushes, Shimmer, Matte, Sparkle, Beautiful!

Customers often say to me, “I need color, I need a blush.” True, blush will add color; but this is
really not the purpose of blush. Color is added with bronzers and some finishing powders; and blush
is used as that special accent on the apples of cheeks, ascending slightly up the cheekbones to
give that special finishing touch and brightness that brings it all together after a make-up
application. Blush can brighten the face, accentuate your cheekbones, bring out eye color, and
provide that extra oomph that makes skin look perfect. It brings out a healthy glow and when
used correctly adds that little flush and rush of color that shows vibrance.

Some of the selection process is purely subjective, since skin tone has already been
corrected with foundation, tint and/or concealer; but it is wise to stay away from a
bright pink blush if you have rosacea; and stay away from a golden bronze if your skin is
very yellow. The choice of matte blush,, or versus a shimmer or sparkle, or is also something that
you have to feel comfortable with. Shimmer can be a beautiful, light-catching iridescence
that livens up skin and brings attention to eyes and cheekbones. Mattes, on the other hand,
have a feminine softness that adds a shy touch of color. Sparkle, of course, is the bolder
statement that can be particularly fetching in the evening.

Whatever your choice, experiment with one or two colors and bring on the blush.

Add Some Bold Eye Colors for Spring and Summer Fun

May 6th, 2015 by Administrator


Time for sunshine and play. Time to not take yourself so seriously! Add some color to
your life and get noticed. Maybe just a dash of neon to match an outfit; or maybe a
bolder statement. Get creative and do some neon lining. Our new eyeshadow kit,
Eye Candy, hits the spot for this task. Wear them dry, brush out for a muted effect;
or wet color for bold neon and eyelining. This mineral eyeshadow set with five
full-sized colors is just $29. A great gift for you or someone you love.

Fabulous New Products Just in Time for Holiday Parties and Gift Giving!!

November 21st, 2014 by Administrator

matteblushessmallbakedminfusionshadowsmallvanillabeanglossessmallhoneyroyalesmallGorgeous new Baked Mineral Fusion Blushes, Baked Mineral Fusion Eyeshadows, All Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Allergen Free and Fragrance Free, Mineral Vanilla Bean Lip Glosses With Vanilla Bean and Vitamins A, D and E, Mega Frost Glosses, Diamond Gloss, and Honey Royale Cream for Dehydrated Skin with Bee Pollen Extract, Honey and Royal Jelly. You have to check out these beauties!!

Turkey Skin is for Turkeys – Body Moisturizer Time!!

November 19th, 2014 by Administrator

Time to take care of scaly, wrinkled, dehydrated skin with Zenful Body Moisturizer.
This thick, creamy moisturizer is infused with Vitamins, Green Tea, and Shea Butter to
help fight free radicals and make skin look smooth and radiant. Contains Pistachio nut
oil. The fresh, clean scent in intoxicating!  Makes a perfect gift, too!  $17.50

New Products Cosmetic Cosmos Firming Fluid, Marcasite Gel Liner and Pink Faux Crocodile Cosmetic Brush Case

October 1st, 2014 by Administrator


Marcasite Indelible Gel Waterproof Eyeliner        Marcasite Gel Waterproof Indelible Eyeliner in Deep Slate with slight silver shimmer.

Apply with either pointed or slant eyeliner brush.  Great with all eye colors; less harsh than black, particularly

with paler skin tones.  Gentle enough to line on watermark of lids; durable enough to wing and stay put!


DMAE Firming Fluid for face and throat for am and pm application for smoothing and lifting

DMAE Firming Fluid 

Spent too much time in the sun resulting in sagging, loose, wrinkled skin?

This high potency DMAE concentrate  is ideal to help firm and tone throat and facial skin for a more

supple, more youthful look.  Ideal for applying under primers and moisturizers before foundation

application or under your moisturizer and other skin care treatments before bedtime.  This thin

fluid will not interfere with make-up and is not oily.  Absorbs quickly.  Replaces DMAE that was

burnt out of skin due to sun exposure and aging.





Only $11.00 while supplies last!  Brushes not included.

New Pink Faux Crocodile Brush Case  holds up to 15 brushes!  Inner

flap keeps brushes clean and protected while outer clasp stays tightly

closed.  Fun and stylish, use for traveling, pocketbook or vanity.

Perfect for gifts, too.  Call 1-866-4COSMOS

or e-mail for special brush offers.


Pamper Your Lips with Mineral Based, Paraben Free Lipsticks

August 22nd, 2014 by Administrator


Has summer taken a toll on the sensitive skin on your lips?  Are they chapped, peeling,

dull and unexciting?  Try our mineral based, paraben free lipsticks to condition your lips

and make them get noticed with twelve gorgeous shades.  These lipsticks are enriched

with vitamins and minerals and come in both matte and shimmer.  For an extra moisture

and conditioning boost and for a super wet look, add a Lip Tox Gloss on top with collagen

peptides to plump up lips and kick out those nasty lines!
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Serum Strategy – Buy Smart for Super Results

July 11th, 2014 by Administrator

hserumssmall       Serums should be one of the most important

segments of your skin care arsenal.   If the choices seem endless and confusing to you, here

are some tips on how to find the most efficient products for your skin type and concerns.

     Sun damaged skin and skin showing signs of aging are perfect candidates for serums rich in

peptides and antioxidants as well as exfoliating ingredients.  Glycolic Acid 10% Serum is a 

retexturizing serum with glycerin and aloe.  The glycolic helps to eliminate the dry and dull

layers of skin so that the complexion looks more glowing and youthful while the glycerin and aloe

help to eliminate any possible irritation the glycolic could cause to sensitive skin.  Peptide Radiance

Serum sloughs off dead skin cells with fruit acids while peptides even out skin tone by lightening

dark spots and helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.   Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum helps to

stimulate your skin’s production of new stem cells vital for skin health while it facilitates the 

absorption and effectiveness of other products when applied on top.  This can be used under mineral

make-up as well as BB Creams and Botanical Tinted moisturizers during the day and under your 

other treatments and moisturizers at night.    Firming Eye Serum helps combat wrinkles, puffiness 

and dark circles while it also helps prevent future damage.  This serum can be used at night under 

Eye Creams, such as Tone Up, Firm Up Eye Cream or Rejuvenating Eye Creme.  In the day time this

eye serum can be worn under concealer or foundation.  

     Normal skin can benefit greatly by regular use of an antioxidant serum such as Red Tea Serum

which fights free radical damage and keep skin soft and young looking with Sodium Hyaluronate to

keep skin plumped up and hydrated.

     Dry, parched skin can get great relief from Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is an intensive moisture

booster with green tea and glycerine to lessen look of lines and wrinkles.

     Skin plagued by rosacea, redness and broken capillaries should use a Redness Calming Serum

to tone down redness and help heal capillaries and irritation.  Natural licorice root has a calming

effect on red, irritated skin, which is one of the ingredients in this Redness Calming Serum.

     Any of these treatment serums can be worn under your favorite treatments and moisturizing

creams and lotions as well as alone.  Serums are quickly absorbed and help deliver active ingredients

to where they are needed.  Choose the right one for your skin type and you will see wonderful 

results !

Easy Trick For Gorgeous, Sparkly, Indelible, Non-Transferable Lip Color

June 19th, 2014 by Administrator
Shimmery, waterproof color that wears and wears

Shimmery, waterproof
color that wears and wears

A super easy trick for lip color that is sexy, sparkly and beautiful yet wears for hours and hours
is to choose your favorite color of lip gloss (moist works the best), such as Starlet Lip Tox, (berry
tone), Pink Lady Hydragloss (feminine light pink) or a coral tone like Blossom or Mint Kiss.
Then simply apply I-Rave Mineral Mica over top of the gloss. This mica comes with a sponge-tip
applicator, perfect for applying over gloss, and is in a spill-proof container. These I-Raves are marketed for wearing as shadow for the lids; but they are pure mineral mica and very suitable to do double duty on the lips.

For light and bright
choose Champagne I-Rave; for a more muted, neutral topping choose Sand Tropez; and for more pizzazz
choose My Little Chickadee in Sparkly Gold. You will be left with a matte, dry finish but high
velocity shine and glimmer that is waterproof and kiss proof. Incredible!