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The Future of Skin Care is Here Today

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016



So much hype recently about products that make lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles disappear with a simple, rub-on application.  Well, what if you could have your cake and eat it, too?  I am talking about a  simple, 2-step application that both tightens the skin immediately for a younger, refreshed appearance while giving you the benefits of a new, ultra high potency Vitamin C antioxidant serum which contains a breakthrough from the Indian Gooseberry plant called Emblica.  This incredible formulation attacks both pollution’s nitrogen free radicals as well as the sun’s oxygen free radicals providing all day protection when worn alone or under make-up.  Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Retinyl Palmitate, Allantoin, Vitamin E, COQ10, SOD (superoxide dismutase) and nourishing botanicals.  This is natural skin care at its best, in an airless pump to aid in stability and preserve potency!   When applied over our Lifting and Tightening Serum, you achieve immediate benefits while healing and protecting your skin with our new breakthrough formulation.  Now that’s smart and beautiful!  Order online at or at our retail store in Newport, RI.

Get Free and Confidential Help with Nagging Skin Care Problems Instantly

Thursday, March 31st, 2016


Nagging skin care problems; large pores; acne; wrinkles and fine lines; rosacea; bleeding lipstick; undereye dryness, bags and dark circles; sparse eyebrows; nonexistent cheekbones; sunspots; uneven skin tone???

Stress no more!  Your answers are there for the asking with the push of a button on our website, free and confidential.  Let us hear from you soon!  You might be surprised at how simply some of these issues can be resolved!


Simple make-up Tips to Maximize Features

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015


I have received so many requests to teach some simple minimizing and maximizing tricks that here we go!  The first extremely common complaint I hear is my eyelids bulge out and are puffy; I can’t wear eyeshadow.  If this is you, stay away from light, shimmery shades of eyeshadow.  Instead, apply an eyeshadow in a medium deep neutral from above the lashes to just above the crease.  This will minimize the puffy, bulging appearance of the lid and draw it back.  A great neutral for this is Portobello.  Another common complaint is I have darkness above and below my eyes all the time and nothing covers it.  For dark lids above and below, start with a cream concealer/primer on the top lid and bring it around to the corner of the nose and teardrop area on the underside.  I recommend our pot concealer for this.  Next, after cleansing and moisturizing face, apply a Liquid Powder Mineral foundation in your appropriate shade and bring it up to just underneath the bottom lid of the eye.  This foundation will set into a powdery finish that will not move around; and when used in conjunction with the concealer, it will blot out any problem darkness you are experiencing.  And lastly, while on eyelids, is the common complaint of my lids are droopy, and I can’t see my eyelid anymore.  I can’t wear eye make-up.  If very little of your top lid shows, make sure you apply eye make-up that is not going to move around when your lid is rubbing.  First apply a liquid eyeshadow on upper lid too above the crease of the eye.  Next, lightly dust a complementary shade of powder shadow over the lid.  Line eyes, upper and lower, with either a waterproof gel eyeliner in a pot or an Ultimate eyeliner in a pencil.  Finish with waterproof mascara.

Switching over to facial features, any feature that you perceive to be too long or too prominent can be minimized with a foundation stick or mineral concealer  one shade deeper than your skin tone; apply the foundation stick to, for example, the tip of your nose if you believe it is too long, along your forehead if you think it is too prominent, or along your chin line if you think it is too much for your face.  Blend the line out gently into your skin and apply a foundation all over face in your natural skin tone.  Any feature that you believe is not prominent enough can be maximized in just the opposite way; by applying make-up that is lighter than your skin tone to that area and then applying your foundation.  The same applies to lips.  Small lips look larger when lighter, shimmery lipsticks and glosses are applied to them.  Small eyes pop with light, shimmery pastels and colored eyeliners.  Nonexistent cheekbones appear when a deeper foundation stick is applied underneath, and a lighter, shimmery bronzer or blush is applied on the cheekbone itself.

A bit of practice will go a long way with these techniques, and good lighting in your application area is definitely a plus!




Easy Skin Solutions

Thursday, October 8th, 2015



Change of seasons is always a rough transition for your skin.  Cooler temperatures, changing from air conditioning to heat, less daylight — all of these things factor into patchy, red, uneven, dry skin.  With so many new skin innovations, there is simply no excuse not to address your issues quickly and responsibly to put your best face forward.

For most of us, this means a simple daily routine morning and evening that takes less than a minute to achieve.  First off, exfoliate your skin to remove any rough, dry patches and unclog pores.  We recommend our Almond Skin Polisher with Papaya Enzymes to gently slough away these problems.  The tub lasts for months, and it is bargain priced for this amazing product.   The simplest and most effective way to annihilate dry skin is to utilize three simple products; Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Elastin Collagen Creme and Firm Protect and Repair Cream.  Use the serum a.m. with Elastin Collagen Creme on top.  If you wear foundation, follow with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Mineral Photo Touch Foundation.  In the evening apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum with the Firm Protect and Repair Creme on top.

If your problem is uneven skin tone or redness, Peptides are the way to go.  Again, start with exfoliation, and follow with Peptide Serum and Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Creme.  If your redness is always present, apply Redness Calming Serum in the morning after washing and drying your skin.  Wear everyday with or without  make-up.

Whatever your skin type, always apply eye treatment at bedtime; we love the Firming Eye Serum with the Firm Up Tone Up Eye Cream on top.  Seals in solutions to bags, puffiness, wrinkles and dryness.

For more specific solutions to individual problems, please contact us at and push the “Ask Sherry” button or call us at 401-842-0666.






Easy Eyeliner Shading with Four Pencils – No Eyeshadow!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Want an easy solution to carrying around eyeshadows that can break in your purse or suitcase?
Try shading with some soft and blendable eyeliners. And better still, they set into a
crease proof,  waterproof finish.   The look created on this drawing uses four eyeliners; start with Cleopatra Ultimate Eyeliner (gold) on entire lid, and blend in a bit of Lilac Whisper pencil.  Line under entire eye from where lashes begin on inner corner to outside with Cleopatra Ultimate Eyeliner and blend slightly with finger. Use Lilac Whisper pencil on inner V area of eye and on watermark across entire lower lid. Use Libido Ultimate Eyeliner (Purple) on upper lash line as close to lashes as possible and on outer half of lower lash line as close into lashes as possible. Use Mythology Ultimate Eyeliner in bronze in the crease of eye and blend thoroughly with finger.
It’s as simple as that to get this beautiful and dramatic look in a few minutes!

Choosing the Right Concealer for your Skin Type and Problems

Thursday, June 11th, 2015




Whether con2your dark circles and under eye bags are from heredity or lack of sleep and exposure to the elements, there is a concealer that is right for you! New formulas have the added benefit of treating dark circles and wrinkles while greatly improving the appearance of these culprits at the same time.
Which formula to choose depends on your specific problem, skin texture and tone.
For more mature, aging skin that has lines and darkness, choose a formula that has a
thinner consistency, blends easily, and will not set in the creases. I have found that
the two best concealers for this purpose are the Mineral Illuminating Concealer and
the Dual Action Concealer. Both of these formulas have light reflecting properties to
immediately improve appearance as well as treatments for dark circles and wrinkles. Both
formulas come in three shades. Pick a shade very close but just a tad lighter than your
skin tone. Choosing a concealer that is too light can give the person a “reverse raccoon”
effect, leaving them with rings that are too light.
If you are younger with fine lines and a lot of darkness, opt for the Mineral Concealer Stick,
which has light reflecting minerals and line filling corrective microspheres for fine lines.
Our under eye concealer and lid primer is for those that wish an easy fix for darkness on the
top and lower lid. Simply apply a think coat all over eyelid before shadow application and
extend the application alongside nose and in tear drop area to blot our under eye darkness.
If skin is dry, tap a bit of Firming Eye Serum or DMAE Firming Fluid over concealer in daytime
and on clean, dry skin at night before bed.

Sometimes a Bit of Make-up Makes a Big Splash

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

beautifulmakeupFeeling a bit drab?? Dull complexion or eyes losing that sparkle? Lips disappearing or
looking a little thin? “I don’t have time for make-up” is what I hear a lot from women.
But what if you can feel and look years younger in five minutes? Sound appealing?
You can with a few easy steps. What about five products you can use in five minutes?

Begin with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Botanical Tinted Moisturizer (all contain SPF) in your appropriate shade according to your skin tone, either light, medium or deep.
Blush some neutral bronzer, like Santa Fe Mineral Bronzer or Sunkissed, from apples of cheeks back into hairline, a bit across your forehead, a bit across the chin line, and a tiny bit down nose.
Sweep a neutral shadow, either liquid, like Constellation, or powder like Dovetail or Bronze Trio,
from lash line to just above crease of eye, blending inner and outer corners. Apply a complementary
eyeliner for your eye color, like Shiver for brown eyes, Snakeskin for green eyes, or Quest or Mythology for Blue Eyes. Finish with a sweep of shiny, lip plumping gloss, like Skinny Dip or Teaberry
Liptoxyl. (If you are feeling ambitious, add a bit of mascara; but that would be a sixth product)

The difference will be amazing; glowing skin, sparkly eyes and a smile to notice.

Serum Strategy – Buy Smart for Super Results

Friday, July 11th, 2014

hserumssmall       Serums should be one of the most important

segments of your skin care arsenal.   If the choices seem endless and confusing to you, here

are some tips on how to find the most efficient products for your skin type and concerns.

     Sun damaged skin and skin showing signs of aging are perfect candidates for serums rich in

peptides and antioxidants as well as exfoliating ingredients.  Glycolic Acid 10% Serum is a 

retexturizing serum with glycerin and aloe.  The glycolic helps to eliminate the dry and dull

layers of skin so that the complexion looks more glowing and youthful while the glycerin and aloe

help to eliminate any possible irritation the glycolic could cause to sensitive skin.  Peptide Radiance

Serum sloughs off dead skin cells with fruit acids while peptides even out skin tone by lightening

dark spots and helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.   Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum helps to

stimulate your skin’s production of new stem cells vital for skin health while it facilitates the 

absorption and effectiveness of other products when applied on top.  This can be used under mineral

make-up as well as BB Creams and Botanical Tinted moisturizers during the day and under your 

other treatments and moisturizers at night.    Firming Eye Serum helps combat wrinkles, puffiness 

and dark circles while it also helps prevent future damage.  This serum can be used at night under 

Eye Creams, such as Tone Up, Firm Up Eye Cream or Rejuvenating Eye Creme.  In the day time this

eye serum can be worn under concealer or foundation.  

     Normal skin can benefit greatly by regular use of an antioxidant serum such as Red Tea Serum

which fights free radical damage and keep skin soft and young looking with Sodium Hyaluronate to

keep skin plumped up and hydrated.

     Dry, parched skin can get great relief from Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is an intensive moisture

booster with green tea and glycerine to lessen look of lines and wrinkles.

     Skin plagued by rosacea, redness and broken capillaries should use a Redness Calming Serum

to tone down redness and help heal capillaries and irritation.  Natural licorice root has a calming

effect on red, irritated skin, which is one of the ingredients in this Redness Calming Serum.

     Any of these treatment serums can be worn under your favorite treatments and moisturizing

creams and lotions as well as alone.  Serums are quickly absorbed and help deliver active ingredients

to where they are needed.  Choose the right one for your skin type and you will see wonderful 

results !

These Lips Were Made for Talking (and Kissing, and Pouting, and …)

Friday, May 16th, 2014


Ageless, Sensual Lips

Ageless, Sensual Lips

 One of the most exposed and constantly used portions of our body, lips are in constant motion, whether talking, expressing or eating.   They are also constantly exposed to extremes in climate and sun and wind.  Wrinkled, chapped lips can make you look older than your age and less healthy.  

     There are some tricks for keeping your lips in tip-top shape and looking soft and beautiful all the time.       Lips that are protected with lipstick and gloss tend to stay moisturized and younger looking.  Think moisturizer on your skin or a hat protecting your head from sun and rain.  

     Dry lips can be gently exfoliated with a scrub, such as Almond Skin Polisher (also used for face).   For lips that are wrinkled both around the lips and on lip surface, use a primer to fill in lines, such as Eye and Lip Wrinkle Smoother or Skin Smoother.  Spread a small amount of filler around entire outer lip going right onto lip surface.  Follow with a long wearing lip liner, such as our Ultimate Lip Liners or Indelible Line.  If you feel uncomfortable with lip liner, use a neutral tone that is close to your own lip color to keep lipstick and glosses from feathering and running.  You can also lightly fill in your entire lip with the liner to help hold colors on and enhance shape.  Next, choose a lipstick color that is complementary to your complexion and apply.  What I mean by this is, for example, someone with rosacea or a pinky/red skin tone should not wear bright red or pink lipstick.  This will only draw attention to the redness and make it seem more pronounced.  Likewise, someone with a sallow or yellow complexion should shy away from lipsticks that are brown or beige with a yellow undertone.  It will wash you out.  If lips are dry all the time,  choose a cream lipstick with lots of moisture, such as  Tenderness or Micro Teaberry Lipstick.  Otherwise, choose a more durable  lipstick,  like Gold Pink or Intense Emotion

     The finishing touch, like the frosting on a cake, is lip gloss.  For thin or wrinkly lips, opt for a lip plumper like Lip Tox, in a corresponding color to your lipstick or Lip Tox Clear to go with any color.  These plumpers contain collagen peptides to help rebuild and plump collagen and make lips appear fuller and without lines.  Hydragloss and Mint Moisturizing Glosses are also good options.

     To aid in re-building skin tone and texture around lips, apply Apple Stem Cell Serum under Wrinkle Relaxing Creme nightly.  These should be applied to entire face, also.  Happy smiling!!