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Hope in a Jar – How Much Can Skin Care Products Do For you; Expectations and Facts

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


So perhaps years of being in the sun, squinting without sunglasses, imbibing on a bit too
much alcohol or not drinking enough water have begun to catch up to you and have bitten
you on the butt, so to speak?? Or maybe it’s genetics or the way you crinkle your face
on the pillow or lines around the mouth from smoking or drinking from water bottles (which
is basically the same motion as smoking)?? What about medications that have left behind
blotchy marks on the skin, whether chemo or birth control or antibiotics?? Yes, unfortunately,
all of these culprits take their toll on your skin over time leaving behind their telltale
souvenirs of sagginess, sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines, dryness, redness, blotchiness
and uneven skin tone along with a loss of essential collagen, elastin and hyaluronic.
And, yes, chronological age itself will factor into this equation. The question I always
get is what can I do at this point and how much improvement will I see. Hopefully this blog
will help you sort out some of the misconceptions as well as provide you with facts and
tips on how to care for your skin from this point forward to protect your skin, prevent
further damage and heal some of the past damage while making your skin appear healthier
and younger looking.

The first line of defense in this war is to replace as much as you can of what has been lost
to plump and firm skin, add moisture and even out tone. This can be achieved with hyaluronic,
Collagen and Elastin, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Peptides, antioxidants and botanicals, which
include vitamins. Layering serums with a cream or gel on top will give you double duty on
sealing ingredients into the skin as well as adding the extra boost of ingredients from both
products. You can only include so many ingredients in some products because of stabilization.
In this blog I am only hitting on actual skin improvement and care products versus quick fix
or cosmetic products.

Also, keep in mind that for deep lines and crevices, such as nasolabial folds and deep brow
furrows, no amount of skin care can correct these very deep lines and muscular sagging. This also
applies to sagging chin lines, as well as under chin fat pockets and heavy neck sagging. “Chicken
Skin Neck” where the texture is rough, patchy and dry looking, can be corrected a great deal with
neck cream, which improves the texture of surface skin. Even with deep wrinkles or sagging, the general
appearance, the texture and the evenness of tone can be greatly improved with proper skin care. Firmness
can also be increased.

Eyelids are particularly vulnerable to environmental exposure, since the skin on your eyelids is some of
the thinnest on your whole body, along with the skin on the top of your hands. Be sure to use appropriate
serums and creams around entire eye area morning and evening. Tap on lightly with fingertips or use a light circular motion with fingertips, called effleurage, to increase absorption. Do not get any products in eyes.

No matter what stage your skin is in, it is never too late to begin a skin care regimen.
For dark spots and uneven skin tone my recommendation is peptides such as those contained in our
Peptide Radiance Serum, Peptox Wrinkle Relaxing Creme and Rejuvenating Creme.
For dullness and dry patches exfoliate with either our Almond Skin Polisher or Vitamin C Peel.
For “chicken neck skin” use our Neck Cream to help improve texture and firmness.
For eyelids I would recommend our Firming Eye Serum with our Tone Up Firm Up Eye Cream on Top.
For dryness and all over sun damage use our Firm, Protect and Repair Cream or Collagen Cream.
To enhance the effectiveness, try our Hyaluronic Serum, Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum or DMAE Firming Fluid underneath.
For Rosacea and broken capillaries use our Redness Calming Serum, which is a holistic serum with a licorice root base that will not irritate or dry sensitive skin.
We have dozens of additional skin care products for your individual concerns, problems and demons.

I welcome questions and comments and can be reached at either or by pushing the “Ask Sherry” button on our website

Concealers that Hit the Spot

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


Most everyone when looking in a mirror is drawn to one imperfection or multiple imperfections that they would like to eliminate or correct.  Whether it is sun spots, acne, dark circles under the eyes or a face that appears too round or flat, the proper concealer can do wonders.

A  cardinal rule with concealers is proper blending.  This can be done with your finger, a sponge or my favorite, a concealer brush.    For large areas of the face or neck area that need camouflage, a foundation stick is the best answer.  It provides a heavier, full coverage that can blot out all types of marks, from freckles and sun sports to large birth marks and scars.  These sticks also do a great job for contouring your face.  Choose a shade that is somewhat darker than your skin tone to contour under cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin areas.  A dusting of pressed or loose powder over top helps set this concealing method for very long wear and also makes it impervious to sweat and humidity.

For smaller areas to conceal, such as small scars, pock marks, small discolorations and redness patches, a mineral concealer stick is the easiest and most efficient.  Apply directly from thin tube to spot you wish to cover and lightly blend with fingertip.  You will be amazed how whatever horror you observed in the mirror suddenly disappears from sight in two seconds and will last until you wash it off!

For more mature under eye skin that has lines or wrinkles and some darkness or discoloration, the Mineral Illuminating Concealer is by far the best choice.  Click concealer up through pen into brush (the first time you use it takes several clicks; then after that, just a couple).  Lightly brush on under eyes and tap with fingertip to blend.  This very thin, mineral formula does not collect in lines and reflects light to minimize flaws and make skin look healthier.

For younger skin that has dark circles under eyes, the Dual Action Concealer is a great choice.  This tube contains a concealer and treatment in one to zap away dark circles while it conceals.  Apply a drop under each eye and blend gently with fingertip or concealer brush.

Sometimes a little concealer can go a long way in building confidence and security.  If you have questions, e-mail or request a sample when placing an order.





Easy Skin Solutions

Thursday, October 8th, 2015



Change of seasons is always a rough transition for your skin.  Cooler temperatures, changing from air conditioning to heat, less daylight — all of these things factor into patchy, red, uneven, dry skin.  With so many new skin innovations, there is simply no excuse not to address your issues quickly and responsibly to put your best face forward.

For most of us, this means a simple daily routine morning and evening that takes less than a minute to achieve.  First off, exfoliate your skin to remove any rough, dry patches and unclog pores.  We recommend our Almond Skin Polisher with Papaya Enzymes to gently slough away these problems.  The tub lasts for months, and it is bargain priced for this amazing product.   The simplest and most effective way to annihilate dry skin is to utilize three simple products; Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Elastin Collagen Creme and Firm Protect and Repair Cream.  Use the serum a.m. with Elastin Collagen Creme on top.  If you wear foundation, follow with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Mineral Photo Touch Foundation.  In the evening apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum with the Firm Protect and Repair Creme on top.

If your problem is uneven skin tone or redness, Peptides are the way to go.  Again, start with exfoliation, and follow with Peptide Serum and Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Creme.  If your redness is always present, apply Redness Calming Serum in the morning after washing and drying your skin.  Wear everyday with or without  make-up.

Whatever your skin type, always apply eye treatment at bedtime; we love the Firming Eye Serum with the Firm Up Tone Up Eye Cream on top.  Seals in solutions to bags, puffiness, wrinkles and dryness.

For more specific solutions to individual problems, please contact us at and push the “Ask Sherry” button or call us at 401-842-0666.