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Fall 2015 Make-Up Trends

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015










Think autumn — leaves changing to vibrant hues of bronzes, golds, olives and khakis. Cooler temps and longer nights. Candlelight, fireplaces, sweaters and boots. Yes, it’s time to change over the wardrobe, and time to tweak your make-up. Add these gorgeous earth tones to complement your surroundings and lift up your spirits. Check out our website for all the latest and greatest fall trends and skin care must haves to keep your complexion healthy and glowing in changing weather.

Cosmetics shown in above photo left clockwise are eyeshadow kit Fall Leaves  , Avocado Mist Mineral Eyeshadow with applicator, Lustre mineral eyeshadow with applicator, Copper Swirl baked blush,  Rum Runner Vanilla Bean Lip Gloss,  Love Drop Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick, Bronze Trio Baked Mineral Eyeshadow Trio, Rose Gold Baked Mineral Blush, Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils in Snakeskin, Cleopatra and Mythology.

Let’s Make Make-up Fun Again

Thursday, September 17th, 2015



Pit Bull and Chris Brown recently came out with a song called
F-U-N Fun! It immediately made me think of our new fall
make-up releases that are pure fun and excitement!
Our new Beige Rage and Icy Pink metallic shadows come with

an activator. You simply put two drops on the shadow
and mix slightly with your fluff or shadow brush and apply to
lids for an instant neon shine that won’t drop onto face or
into eyes. Colors can be layered for a brighter and brighter
effect. Our new Brown Fusion eye shadow is a baked swirl of
blues, bronzes and golds into a brown base. Simply swirl your
brush around and apply to lids for an enticing, eye enhancing
color infusion that glides on smoothly and will not crease.
The baking leaves a moist, creamy look
on lids that reflects light and complements eye color.
Our new mini mint lip glosses are sheer sweeps of wet color
that give lips a super shine while keeping your breath fresh
with spearmint. Aloe and vitamins nourish your lips. The
small size and small price make it perfect for toting in
pockets. And we have been listening to you regarding new
fall gloss shades that are exciting brown/bronze tones.
Rum Runner is a mineral, vanilla bean gloss with a thick,
light reflecting formula in a bright bronzy/brown; while
Firebrick is a thick luxury lip gloss with gold flecks
in a reddish bronzy/brown tone. Both are so beautiful
and so different! We encourage you to try a new shadow
or gloss just for the F-U-N of it!!