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Sometimes a Bit of Make-up Makes a Big Splash

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

beautifulmakeupFeeling a bit drab?? Dull complexion or eyes losing that sparkle? Lips disappearing or
looking a little thin? “I don’t have time for make-up” is what I hear a lot from women.
But what if you can feel and look years younger in five minutes? Sound appealing?
You can with a few easy steps. What about five products you can use in five minutes?

Begin with a BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint or Botanical Tinted Moisturizer (all contain SPF) in your appropriate shade according to your skin tone, either light, medium or deep.
Blush some neutral bronzer, like Santa Fe Mineral Bronzer or Sunkissed, from apples of cheeks back into hairline, a bit across your forehead, a bit across the chin line, and a tiny bit down nose.
Sweep a neutral shadow, either liquid, like Constellation, or powder like Dovetail or Bronze Trio,
from lash line to just above crease of eye, blending inner and outer corners. Apply a complementary
eyeliner for your eye color, like Shiver for brown eyes, Snakeskin for green eyes, or Quest or Mythology for Blue Eyes. Finish with a sweep of shiny, lip plumping gloss, like Skinny Dip or Teaberry
Liptoxyl. (If you are feeling ambitious, add a bit of mascara; but that would be a sixth product)

The difference will be amazing; glowing skin, sparkly eyes and a smile to notice.

Blush – The Cherry on Top of the Cake

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Blushes, Shimmer, Matte, Sparkle, Beautiful!

Customers often say to me, “I need color, I need a blush.” True, blush will add color; but this is
really not the purpose of blush. Color is added with bronzers and some finishing powders; and blush
is used as that special accent on the apples of cheeks, ascending slightly up the cheekbones to
give that special finishing touch and brightness that brings it all together after a make-up
application. Blush can brighten the face, accentuate your cheekbones, bring out eye color, and
provide that extra oomph that makes skin look perfect. It brings out a healthy glow and when
used correctly adds that little flush and rush of color that shows vibrance.

Some of the selection process is purely subjective, since skin tone has already been
corrected with foundation, tint and/or concealer; but it is wise to stay away from a
bright pink blush if you have rosacea; and stay away from a golden bronze if your skin is
very yellow. The choice of matte blush,, or versus a shimmer or sparkle, or is also something that
you have to feel comfortable with. Shimmer can be a beautiful, light-catching iridescence
that livens up skin and brings attention to eyes and cheekbones. Mattes, on the other hand,
have a feminine softness that adds a shy touch of color. Sparkle, of course, is the bolder
statement that can be particularly fetching in the evening.

Whatever your choice, experiment with one or two colors and bring on the blush.

Add Some Bold Eye Colors for Spring and Summer Fun

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015


Time for sunshine and play. Time to not take yourself so seriously! Add some color to
your life and get noticed. Maybe just a dash of neon to match an outfit; or maybe a
bolder statement. Get creative and do some neon lining. Our new eyeshadow kit,
Eye Candy, hits the spot for this task. Wear them dry, brush out for a muted effect;
or wet color for bold neon and eyelining. This mineral eyeshadow set with five
full-sized colors is just $29. A great gift for you or someone you love.